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UPDATE (5/7/20)

Construction on the Innovation Center is wrapping up this week. The glass storefront and sound-absorbing ceiling tiles have been installed, and workers are in the process of laying the new flooring. Up next: finishing touches such as furniture and equipment followed by hiring and training new staff. We can’t wait for patrons to start creating!

COVID-19 forced several of the manufacturers and contractors working on the Library-wide carpeting project to shut down. To date, the public areas on the first floor, all staff workrooms, and the Technology Lab have been re-carpeted. The remaining public areas on the second floor are scheduled to have new carpeting installed this summer.

UPDATE (4/15/20)

Since the Library closed one month ago, lots of progress has been made on the Innovation Center:

  • A new perimeter wall was completed and painted.
  • Casework was delivered, and installation is in progress.
  • Work on the acoustical ceiling has begun.

The Technology Lab and a section of Reader Services received new carpeting before the project was placed on hold due to the current COVID-19 crisis. Keeping our fingers crossed that it will resume soon!

Renovation Project Overview

This year the Glenview Library embarked upon two major initiatives that were a result of the 2019 Strategic Plan: the creation of an Innovation Center and the development of a Marketplace. These projects will allow the Library to meet the changing needs of the Glenview community while providing better service. The Library will also undertake an interior revitalization, including new carpeting and upholstery. After a year of careful planning with the Library Board of Trustees and Administration, the Management Team, and architects from Dewberry, the Library is excited to share its plans.

Library floorplanInnovation Center

Library floorplan

The Innovation Center will be a collaborative makerspace with a variety of design tools to foster creative development, allowing patrons of all ages to learn new skills. This space will include items that cater to a variety of interests, from fiber arts to robotics, including digital fabrication equipment such as a 3D printer, laser cutter, and engraver. With a designated learning space for special programs, patrons can become acquainted with each piece of hardware, while learning simple software to create their own unique designs. The Audiovisual collection will be relocated to the southeast side of the first floor to accommodate the new Innovation Center.

Innovation Center renderingInnovation Center rendering


With the fireplace as a focal point, the Library’s new Marketplace will showcase new, popular, and high-demand materials in easily accessible, outward-facing displays. More copies of print and non-print materials will allow patrons to grab and go without holds or waiting lists. An expanded Library of Things collection of non-traditional materials available for check out, such as GoPro cameras, binoculars, and telescopes, will be prominently featured in the Marketplace, as well.

Youth Services Tween Space

During the Strategic Plan’s Focus Groups, parents of middle school students requested that the Library provide a dedicated area for the tween population. Patrons asked—the Library listened! This new space will feature specially curated collections, with comfortable furniture for lounging and a new study area. In addition, Youth Services will enhance the existing alcove area to create a mini-makerspace for the Library’s youngest makers.

second floor floorplan

Reference Services

A new browsing and casual seating area will be created at the north end of the second floor looking out on the Terrace. This area will house the daily newspapers, as well as back issues. The Magazine collection will also move to the second floor. In addition to the new seating, more study tables will be added to meet demand during peak times.


After nearly ten years of heavy foot traffic, the Library’s carpeting is in need of replacement. Since collections will be shifted to create the Marketplace and Innovation Center, the carpeting project will be folded into the interior renovation. It is most cost effective to move shelving and collections only once.


Both the Marketplace and Innovation Center projects have been funded with no financial impact on Glenview residents. Prudent management of operational expenses allowed the Library to accumulate a small amount in reserve for special Strategic Plan initiatives. This is supplemented by gift funds from the Friends of the Glenview Library, as well as unrestricted donations from benefactors, library supporters, and memorial donations. The new carpeting and upholstery are scheduled projects incorporated into the Library’s Capital Repair and Replacement Fund.