Next Chapter Book Club

The Next Chapter Book Club logoWhat is the Next Chapter Book Club?

Adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities reading and learning, making friends, and having fun together in a public setting.

How does it work?
Four to eight members and two volunteer club meeting facilitators meet weekly or biweekly for one hour to read and discuss a book of their choosing.

Who can become a member?
Anyone age 18 and over can participate, no matter their reading or ability level.

Who leads the book clubs?
Trained volunteers facilitate each club meeting. They include students, parents, retirees, and other community members.

Why join the Next Chapter Book Club?
It’s a great opportunity to make friends, enjoy books, and have fun on a regular basis! To become a book club member, please fill out this registration form. To become a volunteer facilitator, please fill out this volunteer form. Forms should be returned to the Readers Services Desk for Janet McIntyre, Outreach Librarian.

To learn more, watch one club in action or visit

If you would like more information, please contact:
Janet McIntyre, Outreach Librarian
847-729-7500 x2612