March Mayhem: TV Showdown

Friday, March 1-Thursday, April 4

In honor of NCAA March Madness, we’re doing our own bracket and this year’s theme is TV Sitcoms versus TV Dramas. There is a Sitcoms bracket and a Dramas bracket. Vote for your favorites each week with the finalists from each genre facing off in the championship. By participating, you will be entered to win a weekly prize generously donated by Family Video on Glenview Rd. View bracket here.


How does it work?

  • Voting begins on March 1. There will be five rounds. Vote for your favorite show in each round.
  • Each week votes will be tallied and the winning shows advance to the next week’s round.
  • The fifth week and final round will have one Sitcom versus one Drama.
  • At the end of each round of voting, a randomly selected participant will win a prize.

Why participate?

For prizes, for glory, and because it’s fun! Everyone is eligible to participate.

The winning show will be announced live on April 4th at the March Mayhem Trivia Night: TV Sitcoms & Dramas.

March Mayhem Trivia Night: TV Sitcoms & Dramas

Thursday, April 4, 6:30-8:30 PM • Multipurpose Room • Ages 18+

Who played Chandler’s father on Friends? Which famous author wrote the script for the pilot episode of ER? Test your knowledge of TV’s greatest sitcoms and dramas. The winner of the March Mayhem: TV Showdown will also be announced. Limit 30.