GPL Mascot

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Help the Library adopt a new mascot! Vote for your favorite anytime between June 1-30.

The winning mascot will be announced in the next Library newsletter.

Lehigh the Fox

Adventurous, clever, and brave, Lehigh the Fox loves to explore, create, and learn new things.  Lehigh spends time den-decorating, building forts, puzzling, and playing a favorite game, Among Us.

Booker the Owl

When not staying up late to read science fiction or gaze at the stars, curious and thoughtful Booker the Owl is exploring the world through travel.  Booker loves to ask questions and learn answers, so naturally, a favorite game is Jackbox Trivia.

Chestnut the Squirrel

Industrious Chestnut the Squirrel stays busy collecting nuts, climbing trees, and building nests. To relax, Chestnut likes to socialize with friends, do scavenger hunts and escape rooms, read humor books, and play Animal Crossing, a favorite game.