Letter from the Library Director

A Quarterly Update from Library Director Lindsey Dorfman

From The Spark Newsletter & Program Guide

Libraries have always served as a sanctuary for intellectual freedom. They are repositories of information, opinions, and ideas representing a range of diverse viewpoints and beliefs. For this reason, the Glenview Public Library works to curate broad, balanced collections representative of everyone in our community.

We uphold the Library Bill of Rights and follow the American Library Association’s Code of Ethics by opposing efforts from groups or individuals to remove library materials based on personal values and beliefs. We do this because our mission is to enrich, educate, and inspire a diverse community whose world views and life experiences differ. There may be materials in the Library that don’t appeal to some individuals or families but may appeal to others in the community. We sincerely hope that everyone can find something at the Library that is right for them, and our librarians are here to help all people find just what they’re looking for.

In an effort to raise awareness around censorship and book banning, our librarians have planned a number of engaging programs to help learn more about this important topic. Check out page 4 of The Spark for more information on how you can participate.