Big Book of Board Games

Quick and Easy

Great for beginners or those looking for something short and sweet. Rules are short and easy to learn. Play-time is generally 30 minutes or less. Start with Sushi-Go!, Tsuro, or Zombie Dice.

AzulGet the MacGuffin
Century: Golem EditionLove Letter
FarkleSushi Go!
Zombie Dice

More Strategy

For those interested in games with more depth and strategy, as well as stronger themes attached to them. Start with Carcassonne or Ticket to Ride.

7 WondersIllimat
AgricolaKiller Bunnies
BohnanzaKing of Tokyo
CarcassonneNinja Burger
Clank!Power Grid
Decrypto Railroad Rivals
Eternal: Chronicles of the ThroneSteal the Show Act II
Ex LibrisTicket to Ride


For those who want to work as a group instead of in direct competition. Start with Forbidden Island.

Betrayal at House on the HillPandemic
Flash Point Fire RescueThe Resistance
Forbidden IslandScotland Yard


For those who want head-to-head competition. Start with Lost Cities.

7 Wonders DuelLost Cities
Command and Colors: AncientsSantorini
JaipurStratego Waterloo