Beanstack Summer Reading Instructions

To register individually or as a family:

1) Go to

2) Click on Sign up for Free, then click Register an Individual or Family

3) Register yourself or your child.

4) If registering as a family, begin by clicking I am Registering Myself. Once complete, follow the prompts to add another adult or child.

5) Fill out the simple form. Hint: Under Grade Level, adults should select Adult and under School click Not Applicable. After filling in the applicable information, click Continue.

6) Once registered, access your account by logging in to Beanstack using the username or library card number and password that you initially created.

To log reading and enter Grand Prize Drawings:

1) Click on Log Reading and Activities on the upper left corner. Click on the reader’s name or drop down to select the reader for whom you wish to log.

2) Adults/High School Teens: Click Books, fill in the title and author. Click Log.

3) Each book entered automatically gets you entered in the weekly drawings! For every 5 books you read, you will earn a ticket for the Grand Prize Drawings. When you earn your ticket click on Ticket Drawings. Click on Add Tickets to select the prize package for which you would like to be entered.