Battle of the Books

battle of the books

2015 Meet Dates & Scores

Meets Are Held From 4-5:30 PM
Community Room West • Glenview Public Library
Meets Begin Promptly at 4 PM
Please arrive early to allow adequate time for your team to check in.
If there is a conflict with your assigned date, please contact Sally Baylaender at the Glenview Public Library.
We will make every effort to reschedule you.
If a team does not attend its meet (without giving us at least 24-hour notice),
the team will forfeit its chance to participate in this year's program.
Meet Date & Team Name
Tuesday, January 20

Aquatic Readers


Bookworms of M.E.C.K


Hammy Pigs




Speed Readers Beaters


Wednesday, January 21

Attack of the Mack






Reading Rockets


Rockstar Readers


Shooting Stars


Thursday, January 22

Cupcake Warriors


Karate Readers


Neon Smiley


Nitlakos Ninjas


Pink Piggies


Super Dummies


Monday, January 26

Book Busters


Bookworms of OLPH


Mini Pancakes




No Name Library


Royal Readers


Tuesday, January 27

All Star Readers


Mr. Wainer's Avid Readers


People Who Couldn't Think of a Team Name


Return of the Olympians


Speed readers




Wednesday, January 28

BOB and the Readers


Diamond Dazzle Readers


Reading Machines


Sugar Rush






Thursday, January 29

Beast Book Readers


Infinite Glass-Eyed Bookworms


Jimmy Piglets


Rocking Readers of Pleasant Ridge


Smarties II


Monday, February 2

Lemon Juice


Mad Readers


Mega Book Worms


Nuclear Novels


Mr. KD




Tuesday, February 3

4 Wiz Kids


Fantasically Freakishly Fast Readers


Golden Readers


Horse Shoes


Rockin' Readers - St. Catherine's

Wednesday, February 4

Book Bombers


Golden Plated Gummi Bears


Quadruple Fun Fluent Readers


Sagacious Scholars


Team Mirage


Three Musketeers and Mary


Meet Date & Team Name
Thursday, February 5

Flippin Fast Readers


Goddess Girls


Golden READ-Trievers


Mighty Reading Pairs


SCL Crusaders




Monday, February 9

Crook County Readers


Dragon Readers


Glasses with Glasses On


Luck of the Buttons




Team Awesomeness


Tuesday, February 10

Book Olympians


Darth Papers


Phoenixes Rise Again


Rich Readers


Terrific Trio


Wednesday, February 11

Minecraft Book Bros




Number 15 Readers


Readers of Olympus


Rockin' Readers - Hoffman


Star Readers (Multi-Themed Bosses)


Thursday, February 12

B.O.B Crushers


Book Miners


Ice Readers


Return of the BOBs


Rockin' Readers - Pleasant Ridge


We Be Book'N


Thursday, February 19

Book Bandits








Poof Purplelicious Purple Penguins Poof


Monday, February 23

CHMN Master Readers


Da Beavers


Glam Girls




Pie Warriors


Rapid Reading Rats and Dogs


Tuesday, February 24

Book Monkeys


Golden Girls


Ninja Pandas




Reading Dolphins


West Rocks


Thursday, February 26

3 Musketeers


Beyond Books


BOB Krushers


Harry Potter and the Order of the Apple Midgets


Smarties I