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Almost Abstract • Breathing Spring

March 6-May 8

Artist: Erdmut Lerner

Take in Erdmut Lerner’s work and inhale your first deep breath of spring. A muted palette washes over her paintings with the delicacy of the emerging season, and even a hint of summer. Lerner began her career as an outdoor painter, setting up her easel wherever the landscape beckoned. A decade later, she still paints the views that call out to her, but her technique has markedly evolved. From photo, to sketch, to canvas on an easel, she experiments with colors that best express the scene’s range of meanings and moods. At times, figurative elements from the original scene remain part of a painting or they may disappear completely, yielding to pure abstraction. As with the renewal of the land as spring emerges, Lerner’s artistic process has its own momentum, provides its own direction, and finds its own conclusion.

Art Submission

If you are an artist interested in exhibiting at the Glenview Public Library, please submit a proposal including:

General description of work

Artist statement

Size of work/frames

All artwork must be professionally framed and fit the standards of the exhibit hanging system
References/other shows in which the artist has exhibited

Mail or email photos representative of the artist’s proposed exhibit portfolio, or provide a link to a website with an online portfolio for proposal consideration

Contact information, including phone number, address, and email address

A limited number of exhibits are displayed each year. Many more requests are submitted than can be accommodated. Artists should not expect that proposals to exhibit will be accepted.

Public Gallery Policy (PDF)

Direct your proposal by mail or email to:
Communications Director
Glenview Public Library
1930 Glenview Road
Glenview, IL 60025

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