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Monday-Friday: 9 AM-PM
Saturday: 9 AM-5 PM
Sunday: 1 PM-5 PM

Snow, Glorious Snow • The Calendar as Muse

Friday, January 9–Wednesday, March 4

Artist: Shalisha Erenberg

Gallery Talk: Sunday, February 15, 1:30 PM • Meet in the Library Lobby

Chicago native Shalisha Erenberg finds her inspiration in the seasonal rhythm of the Midwestern calendar. While some may complain about Chicago winters, Shalisha views our long winters not as an enemy, but as a powerful muse. She sees beauty in the sound of her feet crunching over freshly fallen snow, and in the patterns and texture of flurries falling from the sky or the light from the stars that makes the snow sparkle. The calendar guides her hand as she combines color and texture to evoke and express emotion and feeling. As you view this exhibit, you may be dusting snow off your jacket, but you will be embraced by Shalisha’s interpretation of the season…and a hopeful hint of warmer days to come.

When Art Meets Design

Friday, March 6–Wednesday, May 6

Artist: Claudia Bianchi

Glenview artist Claudia Bianchi started painting at age nine, experimenting with many art forms throughout her life. Claudia’s profession as a product designer and textile artist has been hugely influential—her design skills and personal art intimately intertwined. A watercolor she painted is turned into tablecloth patterns. Graphic design influences her personal canvases. Discarded threads from a textile project find their way into a painting. Whether it is her new nature series, a comic she is working on with her son, or honing her watercolor skills while painting with her mom, Claudia’s sunlit studio in her Glenview home is infused with the reminder of how life affects art.

The Vitality of Spirit • Art at Any Age

Friday, May 8–Wednesday, July 8

Multiple Artists: Vi at The Glen

Gallery Talk: Tuesday, May 12, 6:15 PM • Meet in the Library Lobby

Vi at The Glen’s art class was formed ten years ago by a group of resident artists whose common interest in the visual arts brought them together to share a passion and desire to create their own unique style of art. The original group was led by Ruth Bremner, noted painter and Dean of Students at the Ray Vogue School of Art. The class was joined by other talented artists, some who had previously put art aside to raise families. All members of this eclectic, vibrant community of artists speak of the need to nurture their creative talents because of the vitality creating art brings to their lives.

Art Submission

If you are an artist interested in exhibiting at the Glenview Public Library, please submit a proposal including:

General description of work

Artist statement

Size of work/frames

All artwork must be professionally framed and fit the standards of the exhibit hanging system
References/other shows in which the artist has exhibited

Mail or email photos representative of the artist’s proposed exhibit portfolio, or provide a link to a website with an online portfolio for proposal consideration

Contact information, including phone number, address, and email address

A limited number of exhibits are displayed each year. Many more requests are submitted than can be accommodated. Artists should not expect that proposals to exhibit will be accepted.

Public Gallery Policy (PDF)

Direct your proposal by mail or email to:
Communications Director
Glenview Public Library
1930 Glenview Road
Glenview, IL 60025

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