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Vickie L. Novak

What’s All the hoopla About?

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Hoopla (hüplä), n. Slang 1. Excitement; hullabaloo 2. Sensational publicity; ballyhoo. This dictionary definition of “hoopla” refers to its meaning in the vernacular. However, more recently, hoopla has assumed a new identity in the library world. Known as "hoopla digital,” hoopla is a digital media platform that enables library subscribers to offer their patrons the ability to access video, music and audiobook content via streaming or download. Patrons can access the digital content from their personal devices, such as smartphones and tablets, or via a current web browser.

This exciting new service has been made possible by the generous monetary donations of two library benefactors: the Lee and Mah families, through Glenview resident, Stella Mah, and the Hattie A. and Marie V. Fatz Foundation. The Lee and Mah families provided the initial “seed” money to purchase the subscription and to get the service started at the Glenview Library, while the donation by the members of the Fatz Foundation will ensure its sustainability through June of 2017.

hoopla currently offers patrons a treasure trove of titles in four formats: movies, audiobooks, TV shows, and music. This vast collection of titles is available on demand. With a traditional collection, if one person has an item checked out, then it is not available to anyone else until it is returned. With hoopla, many patrons can borrow a specific title simultaneously—no holds!

Only available through your local public library, hoopla brings Glenview residents more than 5,500 movies, 230,000 music albums, and 14,000 audiobooks. From Hollywood blockbusters to best selling artists and authors—not just the hits, but the hard to find titles, as well. In order to access hoopla, all you need is a Glenview Public Library card and a personal electronic device. With hoopla, the user has the freedom to experience, explore, and enjoy what they want, when they want, and where they want—any time of day or night—24/7. hoopla is easy to use and eliminates the hassle of having to return the items that have been borrowed. Glenview Library cardholders will be able to check out up to five items each month.

The Glenview Public Library will officially launch hoopla on Monday, May 18. In the interim, Staff is familiarizing themselves with the product and its features, and will be on-hand to assist those patrons who would like some personal coaching to get started. In addition, there will be special training sessions for the public—see page 9 in the newsletter for a schedule of training sessions. The Library would like to thank the Lee and Mah families, as well as the Fatz Foundation for their role in making this popular service available to the residents of Glenview. Their generous contributions will add immeasurably to the reading and viewing pleasure of countless library users.

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